Modeling and Forecasting

McGivney Global Advisors has unique methodologies to help you understand the potential financial impacts of decisions and policies evolving in the health care and oncology landscape.

We model the financial and revenue impact of:​​

  • Alternative Payment Models (APMs) and the Oncology Care Model (OCM) on market share, revenues, and channel mix

  • Health policy changes and legislation at the national or state level

  • NCCN Category ratings and timing of Guideline recommendations

  • Specific coverage policies for public and private payers

  • Utilization management strategies and decisions

    • By public (Medicare and Medicaid) payers

    • By national and regional commercial payers

    • By managed care companies including Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)

What makes our modeling services unique?

McGA are experts in building dynamic, responsive models that incorporate expert stakeholder points of view to help your team make crucial business decisions when future policy outcomes or payer decisions are ambiguous.

We have developed proprietary forecasting tools for payer-based forecasts and channel mix analysis, getting to more granular data outputs that aid in commercial, value, contracting, economic, and policy decisions.

McGA provides you with tools to take action and plan for scenarios that are likely to change the prescribing behavior and practice patterns of key customer groups across diverse settings , including Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), Academic Centers of Excellence, Community Hospitals, "Mega" Practices, and GPOs.

Types of Modeling and Forecasting Projects


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