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Impact of Oncology Value Metrics

Updated: Mar 30, 2018

McGivney Global Advisors publishes quarterly reports  assessing the changes and impact of Oncology Value Metrics, including NCCN Evidence Blocks, ICER, and the ASCO Value Framework.  Additionally, McGA provides direct support to our clients to understand how these metrics impact product valuation in the “real world”.  Below is an excerpt from the most recent Value Metrics report:

"As we enter the second half of 2016, Oncology Value Metrics continue to be at the forefront of discussions around market access, pricing, contracting, and the cost of cancer care. As McGivney Global Advisors tracks the value metric environment, we continue to believe that ICER and the NCCN Evidence Blocks have the highest  potential for adoption and use by payers in a potentially negative fashion with regards to market access of innovative drugs and biologics. However, ASCO re-launched its value framework at its annual meeting, with some new features that merit discussion.   As these frameworks are developed and refined, policymakers and payers are taking note, and a number of policy events are shaping the way that these frameworks may be used in the future." – Bill McGivney, Principal @ McGA

Contact McGA for more information on our Value Metrics Subscription service or to purchase the full report.

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