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RE: Alphabet-Backed Flatiron Health is Being Acquired by Roche

Updated: Mar 30, 2018

Read Original Article: Alphabet-backed Flatiron Health is being acquired by Roche

Response from Bill McGivney:

I do not what they call it today, but remember the Buzzwords, “Rapid Heath Learning” (RHL) from about 7 years ago. That term came and went fairly quickly; as such terms are wont to do. There were many terms prior to RHL and I would expect that there are many Buzzword terms still to come.

Getting away from semantical genre to the developing realization from Roche that has sequentially purchased Genentech, Foundation Medicine, other diagnostic entities, and now Flatiron (Flatiron purchased Altos Solutions EMR in 2014), the development and utilization of drugs/biologics will continue the march to the application of:

1. Real World Evidence (RWE or aka data) to expand indications 2. to support drugs/biologics in combination 3. to enhance hypothesis generation to identify new biomarkers for drugs and biologics (old and novel) 4. to develop the innovative drugs and biologics that target newly identified biomarkers

There is more but the strategic path is clear. Questions lurk such as:

1. When will the data source, quality, diversity, quantities, specificity, accuracy, recency etc. be sufficient to support the applications listed above? 2. Is the selected EHR sufficiently operable across systems for centers and larger practices to be happy to participate and provide data? 3. How and will the real owners of data (i.e., patients, providers) participate and share in the next $1.9 billion windfall? 4. What are the missing pieces or upgrades that are still needed?

I do not know but it will be great to watch as “evidence-based medicine”, “outcomes-based decision-making”, “rapid health learning”, etc. actually comes to fruition in the competitive private sector!

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by Bill McGivney, PhD, President, McGivney Global Advisors

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