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McGivney Global Advisors was founded by Bill McGivney, PhD, former CEO of National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) and former Vice President, Clinical and Coverage Policy for Aetna Health Plans.


McGA differentiates itself from other consultancies by focusing on real-world impact and expertise-driven strategic approaches for the oncology and specialty biopharmaceutical market. The firm brings together experts in health policy, managed care and market access, clinical science, and health care delivery to provide strategies that bridge clinical, economic, and policy issues end-to-end in an increasingly competitive biopharma market. 

The diversity and range of our clientele speaks to our strong track record in delivering actionable insights. Our biopharma clients range from Fortune 100 multinational pharma companies to emerging biotech firms. We also provide consulting services to national associations and health care professional organizations, major law and investment firms, and digital health tech start-ups. 


No matter the size of the client or project, McGivney Global Advisors works with key decision-makers to identify the real issues impacting their businesses, products, and portfolios. We provide in-depth and actionable analyses, focused on issues that differentiate and position products in increasingly competitive specialty markets. We work with you to optimize product positioning for the success of innovative products.


The experts comprising the McGivney Global Advisors team have demonstrated their impact  on practice guidelines, coverage policies, care delivery organizations, informatics platforms, and the application of data in health care decision-making. We have a keen sense of what really matters in the complex, fast-paced world of oncology and specialty biopharma, and we help our clients cut through the sea of buzzwords and navigate important decisions.

Each member of the McGivney Global team holds an advanced degree in

clinical science, health policy, 

public health, or business

Over 100 years of


We have the know-how you need.

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