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At McGivney Global, we provide a wide range of consulting services combining expertise in clinical, health policy, pharmaceutical reimbursement, and market access. We are uniquely positioned to develop advisory, insights, modeling, and strategy for biopharma client needs in oncology and specialty markets.

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McGA FlowDown
McGA FlowDown™ Analysis
  • Proprietary analytic tool that follows the decision-making and information "flow" for new products or indications from regulatory approval through guidelines, compendia, payers, pathways, and key institutions

  • Incorporates comparative clinical landscape and competitive analyses

  • Leads to NCCN Guidelines and Compendium Positioning Strategy

  • Informs NCCN Submission Letters (e.g., on-label, off-label)

  • Informs strategy for other CMS-recognized compendia and pathways

  • Guides clinical data modeling and forecasting for payer response and coverage

Payer and Coverage Strategy
  • Stakeholder messaging and value messaging strategy

  • Compendia strategy and submissions

  • Navigating coverage policy and utilization management

  • Pipeline and pre-launch strategy, direction, and positioning for oncology and specialty products

Economic/Financial Policy and Strategy
  • Payer-based forecast scenarios and revenue projections

  • Alternative Payment Models (APMs) portfolio impact modeling

  • Models and scenario analyses for financial impact of policy (e.g., value-based reimbursement)

  • Health policy impact assessment and strategy

  • Impact of Oncology Value Metrics frameworks

  • Strategic health economics tools (e.g., "Retail vs. Real Price")

Forecasting, Modeling, and Value Impact Analysis
  • Price/value justification and policy presentation

  • Understanding impact of utilization management tools (precert, step therapy, tiering) on specific products and forecasting impact

  • Payment method changes and impact on sales (340b, bundled payments)

  • Modeling impact of policy changes on specific products, therapeutic areas, or portfolio-wide (including key pipeline agents)

Advisory Boards and Market Research Insights
  • Expansive KOL and Key Opinion Organization Diagramming 

  • Advisory Boards and Summits

  • Focus Groups and in-depth interview series

  • Convening national thought leaders from payer, provider, patient, and policy spheres

  • Obtain expert views and develop strategy for advancing product positioning

  • Elicit expert opinion on challenges and potential strategies

  • Discuss and identify product/data needs and thresholds

Data, Evidence, and Competitive Positioning
  • Competitive and Comparative decision-making intelligence

  • Understanding and monitoring data and product positioning in EMRs/EHRs, order sets, and decision-assist tools

  • Data analysis and strategy for indication expansion

  • Long term data collection and analysis in Phase IV to enhance positioning throughout product life-cycle

  • Strategy for longitudinal databases and big data

Training, Education, and Publications
  • Comprehensive ongoing corporate (e.g., national sales force) training and education

  • Cross-functional alignment training and education on policy, payer strategy, and market access

  • Customizable workshops on guideline (e.g., NCCN), compendia, and pathways processes, positioning, and implications

  • Customizable workshops on Specialty Pharmacy

  • Strategic publication planning

  • Key Opinion Organization (KOO)/Key Opinion Leader (KOL) relationship mapping, profiling, internal assignments, and stakeholder targeted data information packets

  • Prospective outlook on strategic planning opportunities for guidelines and compendia

Healthcare Policy and Value Strategy
  • Health policy impact assessment and strategy

  • Strategic health economics tools and Oncology Value Metrics analyses

  • State and federal landscape review and deep analysis of legislation addressing pricing transparency, step therapy, non-medical switching, biosimilar substitution, cost-sharing, and other key issues

  • Training support, white paper development, and strategic insights for companies and their products related to legislative developments at state and federal level

  • Yearly subscription service with strategic policy insights and direct bottom line summaries 

New Asset Evaluation Services
  • Acquisition or In-Licensing and Out-Licensing Valuation and Strategy

  • Asset valuation through competitive analysis

  • Financial modeling and revenue projections

AdBoards/Market Research
Competitive Positioning
Healthcare Policy
New Asset Evaluation
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